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In the digital age, our senses merge with the digital interface, creating an ‘Evolutionary Space’ where physical surroundings, IoT, pan-reality tech, and our bodies converge, highlighting the profound connection between humans and their digital environment.

Coined by Marshall McLuhan, ‘the medium is the message’ unveils how communication mediums shape society and human perception. In parallel, the post-pandemic era witnesses the emergence of ‘digital nomads,’ signifying a transformation in work, creation, and social interaction. This shift, fueled by urban detachment and rapid digital advancements, prompts young people to embrace a decentralized lifestyle.

The Evolutionary Space Exhibition, in collaboration with the global community of 706 Youth Space, co-hosts an event across multiple distributed ‘urban sites,’ aiming to establish simultaneous connections between communities through multi-sensual digital mediums, ushering in a revolutionary form of spatial art exhibition.This exhibition will leave its mark across the globe, with branch venues in Shanghai, LosAngeles, London, Berlin, Chiang Mai, Dali, Jingdezhen, and Shenzhen.

It features innovative artists and architects, whose work redefine ‘space’ beyond physical and sensual boundaries, and responds to the way of worlding in contemporary digital life. These utilize digital mediums including generative art, AI algorithmic design, AI-stylized filming and diffusion models, gaming, VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality), and immersive multimedia interaction to reimagine and reflect on the established lifestyle of mankind.