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Tianjin K11 Exhibition Gallery

Evolutionary Space · OMNIVERSAL HORIZONS · Tian Jin Exhibition

In the ethereal realm where the boundaries between the tangible and the intangible are blurred, mankind has embarked on a journey through the corridors of perception, guided by the luminous beacons of art and technology. Welcome to the realm where digital civilization and human consciousness merge beyond the mundane and into the sublime. As we navigate this immersive landscape, we are called to explore the interplay between the ephemeral nature of the digital and the enduring human spirit ......

"Realm of the Spirit: Dialogue Between Digital and Human Civilization in the Dimension of Perception"

When Virtual Reality (VR) was first introduced to China, the famous scientist Qian Xuesen translated it as "Spirit Realm", in which "Spirit" has an extraordinary meaning. This chapter takes the viewer through a dialogue between digital civilization and human intelligence.

In "Immersive and Lifelike Experiences," we emphasize the extraordinary feelings that the viewer can gain through the experience of the artwork. Through the marvelous mirroring of art, the viewer is able to transcend the boundaries of time and travel through the past and present, interweaving ancient wisdom with visions of the future into a masterful picture.

The "Explorations in Neo-Naturalism" presents the new perspectives of many artists. They do not resist technological reproduction, but on the contrary, skillfully utilize the visual effect of images to interpret the tension between nature and technology to the fullest. This perfect fusion of the modernity of technology and the transcendence of spirituality brings us into a cosmic spectacle of the technological age, thus constructing a supernaturalist field of perception where abstraction and nature, technology and spirituality coexist.
Zhuang Zi's "The Theory of Qi Matter" says, "Heaven and earth are born alongside me, while all things are one with me." This ancient teaching explains the wisdom of symbiosis and coexistence between human beings and nature, and communication with all things. In contemporary times, the close integration of human beings with science and technology highlights this symbiotic relationship, and science and technology have become part of our lives. If science and technology are regarded as living beings, the scope of the new nature will go beyond landscape and flowers to constitute a new ecosystem.

This chapter explores the evolution of nature through human and technological interventions, taking as its starting point the idea that everything is alive. From the traditional landscape to the new nature of modern times, we explore the application of the concept of animism in the digital world through the awareness and memory of digital life. The symbiosis between reality and reality, human-computer interaction, and hyper-sensory experience, all of which are new trends in contemporary art, are also important parts of this exhibition.
The ancient Indian adage "tat tvam asi", which means "you are the universe", embodies the symbiotic relationship between humans and digital technology. The awareness and memory of digital beings suggests an eternal connection between humans and the digital world, in which a symbiosis between digital beings and nature is realized.

Viewers will have the opportunity to explore the dialogue between digital and human civilizations in the dimension of perception, and feel the infinite possibilities of the collision between art and technology. The sharing of memory and consciousness between humans and digital beings jointly constructs a new ecosystem, leading us to reflect on the role and responsibility of humans in the digital world.

Opening Events

Art does not respect superficiality, and we hope to create a deeper and more lasting artistic resonance through in-depth exchanges with the artists.

On April 24th, five well-known artists and curators appeared at the opening ceremony of Opening Art Talk & Art Tour, explaining and guiding the audience to appreciate the works in the exhibition in depth, bringing the audience to better understand the purpose of the exhibition, and inviting the artists to talk with the audience about the backstory of this global tour exhibition, as well as the Internet of Everything, the development of the future of digital art.