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Shanghai Exhibition Gallery

Evolutionary Space · Shanghai Exhibition

The exhibition showcases the work of 10 or so digital artists in 4 different chapters:

    ·Immersive Perception: One-way passive viewing transformed into a multi-directional perceptual experience
    ·Multi-sensory Processing:Spatial integration and re-engineering of the information and physical domains
    ·Encoding Spaces:How are lifeforms born and how is reality mirrored to the virtual?

    ·Intelligent Agents:Projecting feelings into the eye of the intellect to collide with beautiful perceptual experiences

Cross-disciplinary Interactions

The exhibition is presented in time slots in the form of #DigitalMobility #ArtLink, incorporating cross-boundary elements such as art dialogues, music, dance, and meditation, to experience an immersive and interactive experience in the digital exhibition. A series of events such as "Everyone is an Artist" and "AI Digital Workshop" will be held during the period to provide a platform for online and offline cross-city linkage, and to discuss the most cutting-edge digital art with the global audience.


Shanghai Curator Team