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Chiang Mai Exhibition Gallery

Evolutionary Space · {Non}Reality Dimension · Chiang Mai Exhibition

It is an evolving world in which uncontrollable exchanges carry a current that is invisible to the ordinary eye. Technology runs through it like the body and the 33 organs of everyday life. This creative space is not just a physical place, but a concept that transcends matter. Not only are works of art not bound by the physical constraints of the real world, they do not necessarily represent the same world we are familiar with, as they come from the imagination and creation of the artist. Moreover, the indelible traces of existence are sometimes more significant than space in the real world, giving artworks a significance that transcends time and space.

The exhibition {Non} Reality dimension expresses a space created out of nothingness, a space that is actually created through people's perception and thinking, and whose internal logic is independent of the reality of our daily lives. This unique creation provokes interest in further thinking about "the reality of this dimension". The work of the artists collaborating with Youth Digital Group constitutes a new dimension that brings together cutting-edge ideas in the field of digital art from all over the world and creates a global network. This network not only helps to develop and promote the medium of digital art, but also provides Some Space Gallery with the opportunity to showcase the work of a new generation of artists. These works aim to present unique art experiences that can connect people to space, thus transcending the limitations of traditional artworks.
In 2023, Wamotopia's Summer of Wamotopia landed in Chiang Mai, with "Coordination" as the core, and launched a series of creative activities combining Web3, AI creators' culture, humanistic digital art and social action. The fourth stop of the global tour, "{Non}Reality Dimension", will be held at Some Space Gallery in Chiang Mai from January 19, 2024 to February 2, 2024, bringing together local and global artists to exchange digital art.


Chiang Mai Curator Team

Virinsire Chomchey

Yiwei Cao

Ren Sandy