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Wei Wu

Wu Wei, an interdisciplinary designer, currently works and resides in New York as an AR/VR creative technology expert. She graduated from the Harvard Graduate School of Design with a focus on Art, Design, and the Public Domain. Her expertise lies in utilizing mediums such as robotic installations, mixed reality, and 3D printing for interactive storytelling and design. Her works are characterized by themes of collective memory, self-reflection, and monuments. Her creations have been exhibited at various international venues, including the Shenzhen-Hong Kong BiCity Biennale of UrbanismArchitecture, Linz Electronic Arts Festival, Athens Digital Arts Festival, Austrian Animation Festival, and Bergamo Cultural Center. Her work has received extensive coverage from media outlets such as Bloomberg, Archdaily, Dezeen, designboom, Animation World Network, Volume, Gucci, Youfang, Artron, and Fashion Bazaar.