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Marta Pang

Marta Pang is a digital native and a Berlin-based multimedia artist originally from Hong Kong. She specializes in interactive generative artworks, audio-visual performances, installations and creative technology. In early 2022, driven by her obsession with creative media technologies, she set herself a fun challenge: to create generative visuals every day as her initial step into the world of new media art. She’s always fascinated by how technology can be used to fuse the virtual and physical worlds , seeing it as a means to breathe life into her imagination. Her work has been showcased at various festivals and shows, including Coachella (Calvin Harris), American Idol (Kylie Minogue), Post Malone Tour 2023, Wizkid’s Concert, AfterLife Record Label, Art in Space Gallery in Dubai, End of Nations in Monopol Berlin, KKino in Diskobabel Berlin, Kreativ Kafe. Additionally, she has performed audio-visual shows at the Creative Media Center in Hong Kong, Crack Bellmer, Rote Mühle, and Voyager Festival. Having completed her studies in Creative Media at City University of Hong Kong, She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Creative Technologies at Film University Babelsberg in Germany, where she’s diving headfirst into all sorts of new media.