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Luyang Zou

Luyang Zou, New Media Artist, digital artist, architect, ambassador of Logitech MX, founder of LAB ZOU. Luyang’s creations emphasise the interactivity of space, human and senses, along with story-telling and critical thinking, including immersive experience, projection mapping, kinetic installation, spatial sound, virtual production. His artworks exhibited worldwide such as National Theatre, London; Today Art Museum, Beijing; A4 Art Museum, Chengdu. Luyang was trained as an architect before. In 2018, after graduated from Interactive Architecture Lab,Bartlett School of Architecture, (UCL), he joined Arup London as a lighting design consultant. In addition, he is also teaching and sharing his artistic thoughts in universities such as UCL and UAL. In 2021, he founded his new media art studio - LAB ZOU.