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London Curator Team


cross-disciplinary artist, spatial designer, and coordinator of the 706 Youth Group UK

LorieLu is a cross-disciplinary artist, spatial designer, and coordinator of the 706 Youth Group UK. She focuses on finding problems in complex contexts, exploring space and the entities within it as a lens for diverse narrative approaches, revisiting environmental systems in human-emotional, scientific, and technological dimensions, enabling innovation through research and experimentation, and redefining the formal boundaries between space, installation, sculpture, video, and performance. She graduated in Environmental Art Design from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and obtained a Design MA for Expanded Practice at Goldsmiths, University of London. Recent solo shows include ‘Human Technology Home’, PEARL, London (2022). Select group exhibitions include ‘On Purple’, London Design Festival (2023), ‘Maize Maze’, London (2023), ‘Home, away from Home’, London (2023), and Canal Art Festival, London (2023). And won the Artistic Innovation Excellence Award, London Design Festival & London Art Collective 2023; first prize, Li Zhengdao Science & Art Works Competition 2021; third prize, National College Digital Art & Design Awards 2021; and second prize, Robo Master MAXUS 2018.


Exhibition Curator
Research Scholar

DONGBAI CHEN Currently study in UAL Chelsea college of art, Research focus on relation between AI, art and curating. And research into the unique features between human free will and AI algorithms and political aspects of AI. Graduated from GUANGDONG ACADEMIC OF FINE ART, major in exhibition display design. Participating in GALLERY 46 exhibition curating. Coffee shop interior design and several temporary commercial exhibition space design and construction.

Rong Jin

Exhibition Curator
Research Scholar
Rong Jin, DIONYSUS 0 Project Manager/Research Scholar/Curator, currently active in London and studying at Chelsea College, London College of Art, Master of Curatorial and Collection. He has been working in the domestic culture and art industry for many years, and has curated exhibition projects in Gallery46, Lucky Pot34, Landing Space, K Sapce, and his research direction is the application of performance art and new technology media in art.

Xuechen Wang(Mandy)


Graduated from Sotheby's institute of Art in Art Business.Currently working in Saatchi Yates Gallery as a gallery assisstant. An independent art brooker and and advisor who works with contemporary artists and private collectors. I connect artists and galleries and manage events and exhibitions for the artists. With varied experience in sales support, customer service and management of customer’s relationship in art and fashion. A result driven individual with strong communication skills and the ability to build meaningful relationships with customers. Fluent in both English and Mandarin.
Experience in:Art & PR ,Art law, artworks Major field: fine Art, Rare watches.

Qi Chu Yin

Graduated from Bartlett School of Architecture with a Master's degree in Architecture, majoring in Urban Design, Not Fine Art is the co-founder of Not Fine Art, responsible for visual design and publicity, event planning, and self-promotion and operation. He has cooperated with ArtsectGallery and successfully organized the Ruins of Utopia pop-up event, and cooperated with many artists.