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Audio Visual Performance

The artists of this exhibition will present a special performance of the same theme of the work, live music performance and visual work fusion presentation, unlimited stimulation of the senses!

Dance Party

Fused with the existing kinetic works in the M50 pavilion, the dancers will be invited to perform an immersive dance around the works, and the audience will join in randomly to start a group dance.

Immersive Theatre

Immersive improvisational theater, where improvisers collaborate on stage without a set script, using spontaneity and imagination to create in the moment. Every show is a blind box, every time is unique

Digital art workshop

Introduce to ai learning Digital art toolkit such as Arduino,touchdesigner...

Panel talk

VR and Digital Art NFT, WEB 3.0 New Media Art Music Visualization & Interaction AI Fashion Branding Video Games

AI film screening

Screening of AI films made by artists and workcamp students, and films depicting AI, courtesy of members of the exhibition