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Botao Hu Amber

I am a spatial computing creative, currently focusing on mixed reality copresence. I invented a HoloKit an award-winning affordable stereoscopic augmented reality headset and built MOFA, an award-winning mixed reality copresence multiplayer AR game. My long-term research interest is to invent dream-inspired paradigm-shifting medium tools that help others to create artworks for the future. I’m founder of Holo Interactive, a reality computing lab, and inventor of HoloKit. My recent research interest is to experiment design patterns for face-to-face multiplayer stereoscopic augmented reality, and asymmetric mixed reality. Driven by curiosity, I would like to learn almost everything that helps me to build the tools including mixed reality, optics, computational photography, new media art, robotics, sensor fusion, smart contracts, machine learning, computer graphics, graphical design, app development, manufacturing, fundraising and etc. I am open for any collaborations for media arts and academic works.