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About Us

About Youth Digital Group

YDG (Youth digital group) is a platform that brings together pioneering digital artists. Through hosting digital art exhibitions and events across cities, it provides global exposure opportunities for digital creators, helping to expand the international influence of the artist community. The team is initiated voluntarily by young digital artists and collaborates with design education platforms, art media, global youth spaces, and other communities to create a co-building, co-creative, and shared digital media art platform for young digital artists, young curators, and technology art researchers from around the world.

Curation Team

Ruipeng Wang

MAD Architects, Fab-Union, Fiction and Entertainment

Initiator & Chief Planner
the Evolutionary Space Exhibition
YDG Founder
Ruipeng Wang is currently studying with Liam Young in the Fiction and Entertainment program at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc). He has previously worked at MAD Architects, and Fab-Union. He has participated in several significant projects Lantern in the Art festival in Fuliang, Hanxi Village, Chongqing Cuntan Cruise Terminal Competition (Winning Bid) and Fab-Union 3D Printing Virtual Exhibition Hall Design. During his stay in Dali, he participated in the community event organization and held a dialogue: Narrative Metaverse and Sustainable NFT. He is the initiator of this exhibition and the connected person of 706 Youth Space. Initiator statements The Evolutionary Space Exhibition is a platform hosting events and exhibitions with an incredible collective of new-generation talented digital artists. The aim is to establish a bridge in various global cities between communities, artists, and marketplaces through a revolutionary form of digital art exhibition: an annual simultaneous digital art exhibition and art festival from around the globe.

Qiutong Zhang

Brand Strategist, Designer, Curator Fab-Union, SENSO Lab
University of Melbourne MSD

YDG Cofounder
Qiutong Zhang is a brand strategist, digital fabrication designer and curator with a special interest in the fusion of converging technologies with speculative designs. She received her Master’s degree in Architecture from University of Melbourne MSD, where she investigated in how parametric design and robotic fabrication can shape urban futures. She was the former Director of FUMeta and Marketing & Branding at Fab-Union, leading R&D in Metaverse direction, marketing and branding. She was the lead instructor of FUxMetaverse Workshop, and curated the first Global Metaverse Exhibition of DigitalFUTURES 2022, experimenting new forms of communication and exhibition in post-pandemic era. As R&D output, the team launched MetaPrinter and created FUDesign brand. She lead curation in participation of WRC2022 (World Robots Conference), WAIC2022 (World Artificial Intelligence Conference), West Bund Art & Design Fair 2022, broadly reported by influencial media such as CCTV, People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, 36Kr. Leading operation of FUSpace West Bund Gallery, her team curated the first exhibition of FUDesign brand: “Phygital Twin“. Professional projects involved are exhibited in MachineMade Digital Aura, SUSAS(Shanghai Urban Space Art Season) 2021. Through her career, she grows interest in connecting innovative ideas from talented individuals to platforms and resources, to develop a methodology encouraging future co-creations. In 2023, she co-founds YDAG (Youth Digital Artist Group), and leads operation of the brand incubator, SENSO Lab.

Yuting Chen

Cross-Disciplinary Designer, Curator Fab-Union
UCL Bartlett
Yuting Chen, a visionary cross-disciplinary designer from China, explores the convergence of technology and spatial cognition through immersive performances and kinetic installations. With a degree from Nanjing University of Science and Technology and distinction from a master’s program at UCL’s Bartlett School of Architecture, Yuting has honed her craft in architectural studios and as an assistant curator. She played a role in curating exhibitions such as Chen Qi’s Philosophy and Glow Shenzhen 2020. She also contributed to “Phygital Twin” for FAB-UNION.DESIGN, which was showcased at the 2022 West Bund Art & Design Fair. Now, as a professional space and interaction designer in the new media art industry, she channels her focus into AR, VR, kinetic installations, and robotic arms to unlock the realm of spatial cognition. Her notable projects, such as Pneuma Cycle and Vocal Candy, invite audiences to contribute their energy and bodily data, forging captivating aesthetic experiences. She also featured at the London Canal Art Festival, presenting at the 2023 Anaya Theatre Festival.

Shilong Zhu

AIGC Digital Artist, Design Researcher Managing Designer of InnovitionDAO, SCI-Arc

AIGC Digital Designer, Design Researcher of Design Innovation Institute Shanghai, Lead Designer of InnovisionDAO, Instructor of AIGC program at Baizao Academy. He graduated from SCI-Arc M.Arch2 program, focusing on exploring frontier collaborative work methods in multiple mediums and complex contexts. He has been actively experimenting in the fields of digital fabrication, artificial intelligence design, multimedia art, virtual reality technology, and digital education. His works have been presented at the Digital Design AIGC Builders and Creators Conference in Shanghai, the 2023 Shanghai Design Week series of exhibitions, Shanghai Urban Space Art Season 2023, and the 2023 World Design Cities Conference. YDG Artist Matchmaking Leader, responsible for contacting and matching digital artists and works from all over the world, and promoting the landing of the exhibition venue in Shanghai.


Digital Visual Designer,Urban Designer
Project manager of the Evolutionary Space Exhibition
Xu (Chelsie) Cheng, holding a Master's degree in Architecture and Urban Design from Columbia University (MSAUD), is a passionate urban and visual designer with a deep appreciation for digital art. Grounded in the digital realm and utilizing space as a canvas, her design philosophy underscores the organic integration of technology and user experience.

She actively participated in the Smart CLT Summer Workshop led by MIT Sensable City Lab, where she explored the incorporation of algorithms in digital industrial fabrication. As a virtual environment designer for the MARFA Metaverse team based in New York, her works were showcased in the "We maybe in this together" dual exhibition in New York City.

Benefiting from her studies at Zhejiang University's ITP (Innovation and Technology Management), she possesses rich experience in team operation and management. As the founder of the Nuvexa team, she leads with a focus on technological innovation, utilizing AIGC media to create engaging and immersive design experiences.

Team Members